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Our Curriculum : Mathematics


The national curriculum states: ‘Mathematics is an interconnected subject in which pupils need to be able to move fluently between representations of mathematical ideas.’ Therefore, we intend that our mathematics curriculum is: aspirational, enabling and inclusive whilst ensuring that all children, by the end of Key Stage 2, become confident, capable mathematicians. We intend our pupils to leave their primary education with a secure and flexible understanding of mathematics and are able to transfer this knowledge to their daily lives; thereby, enabling them to navigate wider society successfully, now and in the future.

We intend every child to experience success through the careful and incremental development of fluency and mathematical concepts within our mathematics curriculum. It is our intention that, throughout curriculum, children’s mathematical thinking will be challenged and pupils will gain a deep understanding of the concepts they are learning. It is our intention that children at East Hunsbury will possess a positive mindset surrounding their maths capabilities and understand the role mathematics plays in our society.

The intention of our maths curriculum is:

  • To teach ambitious, high-quality maths lessons using the Maths Mastery approach
  • To teach a carefully sequenced curriculum which begins in the Early Years and builds on pupils’ existing knowledge - enabling them to continually develop their mental schema
  • To introduce mathematical concepts using a: ‘Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract’ (CPA) approach which enables pupils to use physical and visual aids to build their understanding of an abstract concept
  • To develop pupils’ fluency in mathematics so they can recall and apply knowledge efficiently, rapidly and accurately and to consolidate this understanding through the use of conceptual and procedural variation
  • To develop pupils’ ability to reason and problem solve mathematically
  • To equip pupils with the confidence, critical thinking skills and resilience required to approach increasingly sophisticated mathematical problems in a logical and systematic way
  • To equip pupils with sentence stems and accurate vocabulary thus enabling them to communicate their mathematical ideas with accuracy and clarity
  • To provide challenge for all pupils through deepening their understanding
  • To inspire our pupils’ love and enthusiasm for mathematics
  • To equip pupils with the mathematical knowledge and skills required for their future


We intend for the pupils at East Hunsbury Primary School to leave our school with an enjoyment and enthusiasm for maths that will stay with them throughout their lives and with the mathematical knowledge and skills they need to empower them for the future.