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Our Curriculum : Music


At East Hunsbury Primary School, it is our intention that our music curriculum is aspirational, enabling, inclusive and enriching. We intend to teach Music so that our pupils enjoy and gain knowledge of how music making and music appreciation can enrich their lives. Our music curriculum is intended to:

  • Give children the opportunity to appreciate, perform, understand and compose music from a range of times, traditions, genres and composers.
  • Enable children to sing and play musically with increased confidence and control.
  • Give all children an opportunity to learn/play a musical instrument.
  • Ensure our children develop the technical vocabulary which will help them understand and appreciate Music.
  • Encourage mental health and wellbeing by bringing the whole school community together through music.

Working in partnership and with our local Music Hub (Northampton Music and Performing Arts Trust) we intend to create a strong musical culture within our school. Music has the power to foster connections within the brain which will improve memory and coordination. The skills involved in playing and listening to music will also help learners develop the self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, creativity, and self-motivation necessary for success. We aim to establish a lifelong passion for music as an art form is that it is accessible to all. It is an art form that is entwined into the fabric of our lives, and we aim to enable children to enrich their experience of all types of music.

We hope children continue to grow in confidence as they progress through the musical curriculum and become passionate in their responses to music. Added to this, we want children to become more independent learners within this area, reflect upon their learning and develop resilience within the musical world.