Earth Day 26.04.24

Hello Everyone

Week 2 of the summer term is complete, and I have been incredibly impressed with the learning and behaviour of our children. Already, Maypole dancing has started in preparation for our school fete on 29th June (I hope it is in your diary) and we are getting excited for all of the forthcoming events.

Earth Day - Planet Vs Plastic

Monday was Earth Day – a very important day in our school calendar and for one day we all focussed on the important role we have in protecting our Earth and its future. Across the school every child took part in various recycling activities and there was lots of cutting, sticking and making! There was also some fantastic discussion all about sustainability and what it means to reuse, reduce and recycle. There are lots of photos on pages 7 & 8.

On Monday, to kick start our week and Earth Day, I read the school the book: The Crown by Emily Kapff. It is a beautiful book with a strong and important message about how what we do now impacts the future – I highly recommend reading it to your children.

Thank you to Miss Davison, our DT leader, who helped plan this event and to all our families for donating your recycling to support our learning.

During our next Walk in Wednesday on 1st May, as part of our science theme, we will be presenting what we have made in our shared areas so I do hope you can come along and see.

New Governors

Welcome and congratulations to our new Governors.

Mrs Natalie Parsonson who was successfully elected via our parent election as our new Parent Governor (thank you to all of the families who took the time to vote) and:

Madeleine Clark who is a co-opted Governor. A co-opted Governor is someone who is not directly linked to the school e.g. is not a parent or member of staff as it is important to have a wide representation on our Governing body.

The Governors play a vital role in our school and I look forward to sharing more about their work in the future. For the first time in a long time, I am thrilled to say that we have a full governing body!


I know that I go on a lot about reading but here are some statistics from the National Literacy Trust:


It is really worrying to read that less that 3/10 children aged 8-18 read daily when we know that reading is the gateway to so much success and is also proven to improve mental health in young people. PLEASE make time at home to read, and share books and stories, with your child/ren every day as it is very important.

If you need any advice or support with this, please do not hesitate to contact either myself, Mrs Robinson our reading leader or Miss Stryjek our phonics leader.


As you are aware, we do not tolerate bullying or unkindness at all here at EHPS and in our ever advancing digital world, we have to be really mindful of cyber bullying. Click this link to download more information about cyberbullying provided by the Government.

If your child does own a device which accesses the internet, PLEASE ensure that you have set the parent control and monitor it regularly. Sadly, many of our behaviour incidents are caused through social media messaging apps. The internet can be a force for such good; we just need to ensure that our children understand how to use it safely.

Thank you for your ongoing support and I hope that you all have a lovely weekend. See you on Monday.

Ms Pennington